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An Easy New Year’s Resolution Alternative for Lasting Change

Here’s an easy New Year’s Resolution Alternative for Lasting Change.

My Selfish Reasons for Becoming a Freelancer

I'm not gonna lie... I became a freelancer for selfish reasons. Five of them are sitting around this table (plus two more that aren't in the photo).  No school equals French Toast Earlier this morning, we got the text message notifying us that school was...

One Word for 2019—Courage

I'm not big into New Year's resolutions. But I do love the idea of starting off the New Year with a clean slate and setting goals that will help me grow. A Time to Reflect I spent some time during the holidays this year to reflect on the events of 2018. I took time to...

Merry Christmas

The best gift we can receive is a gift that we don't deserve. The best gift we can give someone else is a gift that is given with a cheerful spirit. We are grateful for special gifts in our lives that we have received, big and small. On behalf of Mat Casner and...

What would you do if you knew you could fly someday?

What is your potential? Have you already reached your personal limit? What keeps us from reaching our potential? Maybe it's our surroundings, our circumstances. Maybe its the people around us, our failures or the voices we hear inside our head. What would you change...

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