A Simple Strategy that Turns Your Valuable Graphic Design Skills Into a Profitable Freelance Career That You’ll Love

Dec 2, 2019 | Business Strategy | 0 comments

Are you confused about how to transform your graphic design skills into a freelance career and future-proof business? Discover a simple strategy.

Graphic design is vital for any business.


It tells people about you without having to say much. Graphic design businesses are created daily and account for a $15 billion dollar industry in the US alone.

So, it’s time to transform your talent into a lucrative career.

Besides the money factor, why would you want to turn your graphic design services into a business? Because you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to create from anywhere you choose. Yet, at the same time, you’ll solve other people’s challenges by showing that you’re the business growth “doctor.”

Your freelance graphic design business requires a strong foundation, and a logical structure.

To do this, you need to build your marketing system based on the following 3 essential factors:

1. Position your expert services like a pro

Know what you want to be known for

Define your brand positioning and what makes you, your graphic design skills, and business abilities, unique. This gives you unique expert positioning.

Knowing what sets you apart from other graphic designers allows you to attract the right clients. In fact, you can choose who you work with and when. Since those requiring graphic design services are infinite, narrow down the industries that you want to work with.

By doing this, you’ll become an expert in a specific niche. Do you like working with athletes? Tech companies? Non profit organizations or churches? Bloggers? Or even local businesses? Deciding which kind of company you want to focus on, will not only help you specialize, but you’ll be regarded favorably by other clients too.  Narrowing down your niche means that you’re more focused.

Know your client well (their struggles and pain points)

Now that you’ve decided on your target client; how, where, and when will you find them?

Intensify your research and understanding by connecting with them on a personal level. Read what they read, join any clubs that they belong to, attend community events, and experience their pain (and their dreams)

That’s the only way you can authentically tap into their biggest and most pressing wants, needs, and challenges—to best serve them with your skills and talents.

And by knowing who your target client is, you’ll be able to channel them toward your expertise effortlessly.

These are handy tools and services to help you connect with your target audience online:

Social media monitoring tools.

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