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Finding Clients Articles

Current Freelancing Climate

In an uncertain future, what can we expect for freelancing?

Capitalizing on Hiring Trends for Freelancers

Freelancers have an advantage in our current work-from-home workforce. Here’s how to capitalize on the current hiring trends.

Building Client Relationships Vs. Job Cycles in the Gig Economy

Are you constantly frustrated with the idea of finding new clients every month just to keep your business alive or do you try to build relationships with ? I realize that as a freelancer this is, to some degree, inevitable. But what I found was when I started to shift...

10 Amazing Ways to Optimize A LinkedIn Profile and Make It an Incredible Selling Machine for Your Freelance Services

Is the process of updating your LinkedIn profile bogging you down? You’ve probably sweated blood trying to update your profile in the best possible way you know-how. Sadly, you haven’t managed to get any views, invites or freelance jobs, despite the fact that your...

Top 7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Perfect Social Network for Freelance Designers

Are you stuck trying to sustain your freelance design business with no success in sight? Well, this is what most freelance graphic designers go through every day.  At first glance, freelancing might seem like an easy route to riches, but the truth is that it’s...

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