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3 Easy Steps to Financial Stability in Your Freelance Business

Here are 2 Easy Steps to Financial Stability in Your Freelance Business.

Building Client Relationships Vs. Job Cycles in the Gig Economy

Are you constantly frustrated with the idea of finding new clients every month just to keep your business alive or do you try to build relationships with ? I realize that as a freelancer this is, to some degree, inevitable. But what I found was when I started to shift...

How to Start a Freelance Side Hustle If Your Current Employer Has a Non-compete

Is it becoming difficult for you to manage your side hustle with your daily job? Are you afraid that your company would find out about it, and the repercussions would be too difficult for you to handle? Maybe the stress of working on two jobs is taking a toll on you?...

Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies for Freelancers Wanting to Find High-Paying Jobs and Long-term Clients

Are you tired of experimenting on LinkedIn with no tangible results to show for it? Well, we’ve all been there before! Whether you are looking for contractual work or high paying clients, LinkedIn is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The first time I joined this...

Why Simple Freelance Contracts are Better Than NDAs for Building Lasting Client Relationships

Do you know what I’m tired of hearing? That signing an NDA is better than signing a simple services contract! Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer, or you’ve been in business for many years, choosing between signing a contract and appending your signature...

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