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Freelancing in a Pandemic: 3 Reasons Not to Worry

We’ve been living with the pandemic for eight months now, a continuous slog that can sometimes feel like eternity. I’ve spoken several times about business mindset during this challenging period. But now it’s time to focus on more practical business strategies for freelancing in a pandemic.

Goal Setting For Freelancers: 3 Effective Strategies

Setting business goals is an essential part of moving forward strategically. Here are some ways to zero in on what moves the dial when it comes to goal setting.

Building Client Relationships Vs. Job Cycles in the Gig Economy

Are you constantly frustrated with the idea of finding new clients every month just to keep your business alive or do you try to build relationships with ? I realize that as a freelancer this is, to some degree, inevitable. But what I found was when I started to shift...

3 Goal Setting Strategies for Freelance Businesses

How to Look Back to Set Goals for Your Business Do you wonder how to set goals for your freelance business, even when you're feeling frustrated and times are tough? Here I've included three reasons why looking in the rearview mirror might be the best way to keep...

Is Being a Jack of All Trades a Good Thing for a Freelancer?

Are you a jack-of-all-trades? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many hats that you have to wear to make ends meet? Are you constantly jumping from one project to the other? You constantly find yourself doing work and need to learn new unrelated skills to provide your...

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