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10 Amazing Ways to Optimize A LinkedIn Profile and Make It an Incredible Selling Machine for Your Freelance Services

Is the process of updating your LinkedIn profile bogging you down? You’ve probably sweated blood trying to update your profile in the best possible way you know-how. Sadly, you haven’t managed to get any views, invites or freelance jobs, despite the fact that your...

Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies for Freelancers Wanting to Find High-Paying Jobs and Long-term Clients

Are you tired of experimenting on LinkedIn with no tangible results to show for it? Well, we’ve all been there before! Whether you are looking for contractual work or high paying clients, LinkedIn is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The first time I joined this...

Top 7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Perfect Social Network for Freelance Designers

Are you stuck trying to sustain your freelance design business with no success in sight? Well, this is what most freelance graphic designers go through every day.  At first glance, freelancing might seem like an easy route to riches, but the truth is that it’s...

How to win a freelance gig with LinkedIn ProFinder

Recently, I was asked a question about winning a freelance job through LinkedIn's ProFinder job board. If you're not familiar with it, LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft), has created it's own internal job board system called the ProFinder. It's a place where companies can...

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