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My Selfish Reasons for Becoming a Freelancer

Jan 30, 2019 | Lifestyle & Impact | 0 comments

I’m not gonna lie… I became a freelancer for selfish reasons. Five of them are sitting around this table (plus two more that aren’t in the photo). 

No school equals French Toast

Earlier this morning, we got the text message notifying us that school was cancelled for the day. The kids were ecstatic. I was too!

I sprung into the kitchen and started making french toast (one of the family’s favorite meals—and I enjoy making it!)

I love my family.

I love my family. And, they’re growing fast. Our house full of teenagers is gonna be really quiet in a few years. 

I don’t want to miss any moments like this—to spend some fun, random time with them.

If you’re like me, being a freelancer is more than just being your own boss and working in your PJs (for the record, I don’t). It’s about having the freedom to capture some special moments while they’re happening.

I can work whenever I want

I can work whenever I want, but I’ll never have this moment with my kids again.

And, if I can help it… I’m not gonna miss it!

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