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Looking Back: Top 5 Secrets to Freelance Success in 2020

Here are my Top 5 Secrets to Freelance Success in 2020. Use them in your business to have your best freelance year ever!

How Freelance Graphic Designers Should Create a Communication Strategy That Will Help Build Your Business

It’s hard to stay in contact with hundreds of clients and prospects through email. Are you frustrated with having to send out communication with your graphic design message? The problem is that you don’t have a business-building communication strategy for your...

Top 7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Perfect Social Network for Freelance Designers

Are you stuck trying to sustain your freelance design business with no success in sight? Well, this is what most freelance graphic designers go through every day.  At first glance, freelancing might seem like an easy route to riches, but the truth is that it’s...

Top 7 Tips for Attracting Freelance Design Clients That Pay You What You’re Worth

Are you struggling to land high-paying clients for your graphic design services? Then you need to go back to the drawing board. Many freelance designers struggle to find the perfect clients because they are either searching for clients in the wrong places or accepting...

12 Passive Income Ideas for graphic designers that you can start right away

The problem with working as a freelancer is that cash-flow problems are the main issue. Depending on money from your clients alone is not viable as incoming work is often unstable. In fact, even if incoming work is fairly stable; you might even have problems with late...

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